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Langhe: not just a territory but our genuine DNA

You simply cannot speak about the Langhe without thinking about food and the ingredients offered by that part of Piedmont that goes from La Morra, Barolo, Castiglione Tinella and Asti, all the way to Bossolasco, Paroldo and Cortemilia, in the Alta Langa, which used to be called the “poor Langa”.

Not only the noble white truffle, known the world over: the Langhe offer countless high-quality food products and ingredients, renowned for their uniqueness, like the specific variety of hazelnuts, the many types of cheese or the tajarin, fresh egg pasta that once you taste you will love forever.

Many books and articles have been printed to provide information on these products, but the best way to appreciate them is to rely on who learnt their secrets from their grandparents: secrets treasured and handed down generation after generation.

How to taste the world’s best tajarin? Or the IGP protected, typical hazelnuts? Their picking is hard labour but largely repaid by a delicious hazelnut cake, preferably baked in an old farmhouse.

And which is the Langhe’s best recipes book? One with beautiful pictures on glossy pages or the local food bible, “Nonna Genia”, a classic encompassing the food history of Alba and its surroundings, a region recently listed in the UNESCO World Heritage?

First-hand experience is the only way to find out, planning a trip to discover these unique secrets enclosing many years of history and tradition, guided by someone who knows them by heart and with passion.

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