• We are your personal Trip Designers!

    We are your personal Trip Designers!

In Italia! In Italia, ma non quest'anno. È troppo presto; non ho le cognizioni necessarie, mi manca ancora molto. Parigi sarà la mia scuola, Roma la mia università. Giacché essa è una vera Università e quando la si è veduta, si è veduto tutto. Perciò non ho fretta d'entrarvi.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Striving to make your stay a bespoke experience, perfectly matching your wishes.
We Shall use the best of our knowledge to make the Italian journey of your dreams come true!

We have created IJE driven by the love for our country and its rich culture.

Let us involve you in a genuine Italian experience

A truly Italian Journey designed especially for you!


Hello, I’m Nina!

I really love cooking and I am a connaisseur of Barolo and of all the other wines coming from the Nebbiolo variety.
After a decade working in communication, I decided to put together my gourmet, art and photography skills and turn what I love doing into a life-style.

My deep knowledge of the territory has shaped IJE’s programmes, which are designed to make you fully experience food, wine, art and life in Langhe.


Hi! I’m Luca the Moscato expert!

This wine has no secrets for me and I like to experiment it in new combinations that some may find “irreverent”.
Good wine, truffles and leisure: La dolce vita Italiana is embedded in my DNA and I would like to share this pleasant way of life with you
In 15 years spent in Food Marketing I have been involved in the launch of many successful products.

After meeting Nina and Alma I decided to realise my own “product”: Italian Journey Experience. Conceived to put together all of our own first-hand experiences and disclose the many treasures
offered by our territory to gourmet travellers visiting from all over the world.


Welcome to IJE! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Over 20 years of professional experience in exclusive fieldsconcerning Italian luxury, art and excellence have assisted me in creating and organising paths to discover the many hidden treasures of Italy.

Through IJE, together with Nina and Luca I am going to share with you secret routes in the name of good food, art and the love for Italy.

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  • Strada Balbi 1, 12053 Castiglione Tinella (CN)

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